30 day Challenge. Make it Simple, Small but Significant

pocket watch

Where did my day go? Have you ever felt you were really busy but couldn’t express what you did that day? Me too. I devised a challenge for my self.


When I was a stay at home mom I challenged myself to see were my day is going, and it was great. I didn’t have one big project to work on but was bombarded with a million little different projects just as important. It gave me a since of accomplishment when I could see all the things I took care of and ways to tweak it a little to make the most of my one shot of that day.

I love this technique and decided to do it again.

Just like a Spending Plan (otherwise known as a budget) each day gets an estimated plan of spending for my time. Remember you can’t pocket your time, just spend it wisely.

The way it works:

Night before make your Daily Spending Plan of Time. Down left side of page list times of day. I list 30 minute increments. Then in the center of the page list what I need to get done with the time allowances. Things like working out, writing, eating, cleaning etc. The things that have to be done that day will be listed on specific times.  I list my top three things I would like to get done at the bottom of the page.

The next day keep record of how you spend it.   Keep it simple, housework, errands, and getting kids off to school etc. If you work out of your home like me, include work categories, for example, Speaking with Clients, Project work, calls, bill paying, errands, prospecting etc.


At the end of one week you will see where most of your time is spent and where things might need to shift to different times and days to become more effective. Adjust for the next week and so forth until you complete the 30 day challenge.

Quick tip:

I like to list on computer my list. That way I can copy/paste similar activities.

Your top 3 at the bottom should be your goals. For instance, if your trying to loose weight, list eat 3 vegetables today or if your trying to find a better career it might say find 3 companies I would rather work for today.

Try it. See results you discover.